Elevate Your Restroom Experience with Lota’s Innovative Toilet Spray

Elevate Your Restroom Experience with Lota’s Innovative Toilet Spray

Tracy Long and Tatiana Garcia, the ingenious minds behind Lota, are on a mission to transform your restroom experience. With a vision to make hygiene and cleanliness more accessible, Lota is the game-changing toilet spray that makes using the bathroom fresh, pleasant, and embarrassment-free.

The journey began in 2020 when Long and Garcia, fueled by their shared disdain for unsanitary public restrooms, resolved to create a solution to elevate the simple act of using the bathroom. United with a team of creatives and professionals, they set out to address a pervasive problem with a groundbreaking solution.

Lota emerged as a pioneering toilet spray, with its compact size making it a portable companion for any occasion. Beyond masking odors, Lota is also a sanitizer, providing an end to the germy discomfort associated with public restroom use. Crafted with natural ingredients, Lota’s alcohol-based formula not only guarantees safety but also ensures it won’t clog sewage pipes. Eliminating artificial scents laden with chemicals, Lota’s fragrance is light, fading away after a few minutes and leaving behind a subtle hint of freshness.

Lota proudly stands as a women-owned brand and business, addressing the dual concerns of toilet seat sanitization and malodors commonly experienced by women. Long and Garcia, both self-professed germaphobes, forged their partnership based on a shared aversion to unhygienic public restrooms. Long’s experiences at UCLA, where she had to contend with unpleasant restrooms in Los Angeles, inspired the idea for a toilet spray that could sanitize and deodorize. 

The inception of Lota gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a timely sign to bring their innovative idea to fruition. Lota’s revolutionary toilet spray tackles the root of the problem. By sanitizing surfaces like toilet seats and handles and neutralizing foul odors, Lota minimizes embarrassment and discomfort associated with restroom use while boosting hygiene. 

December 2022 marked a significant milestone for Lota as they launched their website and Shopify platform, introducing their Tuberose Toilet Spray. The response was overwhelming, with their first batch quickly selling out, highlighting the demand for their innovative product. With aspirations as lofty as the LA skyline, Tracy and Tatiana envision Lota gracing the shelves of major retailers such as Target, Amazon, Ulta, and Sephora. Fostering collaborations with other influential brands, Lota intends to become a household name.

Beyond its innovative formula, Lota’s elegant, minimalist packaging and ergonomic design captivate users. The pleasant and enduring fragrance from this small bottle creates a delightful atmosphere, effectively masking unpleasant odors. But what sets Lota apart is its diverse range of scents, catering to various preferences, from subtle floral notes to refreshing citrus. Lota’s commitment also extends to environmental consciousness. The toilet bowl spray’s concentration and refillable bottle ensure a lasting impact while being eco-friendly.

Lota continues to reshape the restroom experience with fresh ideas and scents and invites everyone to join the movement. The trailblazing brand elevates your restroom experience with an innovative solution that seamlessly combines hygiene, comfort, and a touch of luxury in every spray.

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