Muzafer Najfi: From Dreams to Success through Seacret Direct.

Born in Canada to a family with diverse roots, Muzafer Najfi’s upbringing was steeped in the belief in opportunities ahead. His father’s entrepreneurial experience in East Africa added to the family’s optimism, and this early exposure to the promise of success shaped Muzafer’s dreams.

The entrepreneur’s formative years saw him nurturing a passion for sports, with dreams of becoming a professional football player. He pursued this dream with passion, playing football throughout high school and university. However, the cruel hand of fate dealt him a heavy blow when a knee injury during his senior year at the University shattered his sports aspirations.

Muzafer’s response to adversity was not to give up but to pivot toward education. He pursued and earned three degrees in Psychology, Communication, and Business, proving his dedication and thirst for knowledge. But life after graduation wasn’t as promising as he’d hoped. The only job offer he received was a modest one, paying just $35,000 per year.

It was during this phase of uncertainty that he was introduced to the world of direct selling. Fueled by dreams of quick wealth, he ventured into this industry with high hopes. However, the reality was a far cry from his initial expectations. The road to success was rocky, and in his early days, he struggled both financially and emotionally. Muzafer was initially resistant to the idea of training, believing he could make it on his own.

But life had other plans. When he hit rock bottom, Muzafer realized the importance of being teachable and opened himself up to learning from those who had succeeded before him. His turning point came when he dove into the pages of “Think and Grow Rich,” a classic self-help book that he read seven times. Inspired by this book and guided by his mentor, he embarked on a new path. Muzafer began earning more money per month than he could’ve ever imagined.

However, something shifted within him during this journey. Muzafer moved away from the idea of success being solely about personal gain. Instead, he found genuine joy in helping and mentoring others. He discovered that true success is not measured by wealth alone, but by the positive impact one can make on the lives of others. Muzafer had always been drawn to mentoring and coaching, but now this passion has become the driving force behind his actions. As he continued to learn and grow, his desire to help others grew stronger. He became committed to making a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

After a five-year stint with his first company, Muzafer faced opposition from his parents who were skeptical about the network marketing industry. Yet, he remained convinced that this path was right for him and sought to find the perfect company that aligned with his vision. Along the way, Muzafer built six other companies in the space of direct sales. During that time he impacted thousands of lives and earned millions of dollars as well. He was also Vice President of two different companies. After being in business with the wrong people for several years he began a search for the right people. 

In 2015, while he was searching for the right people to be in business with he decided to take his advice and revisit “Think and Grow Rich” and realized after re-reading the section that talked about “ The 30 major causes of failure”, he still had one of the 30 even after all of his years of success. That was number 17 “wrong selection of associates in business”. It was at that moment Muzafer focused on finding the right people to be in business with. He was looking for people who share four characteristics that are important to him. The four important characteristics are, honesty, integrity, character, and heart, and these qualities were mandatory for him to partner and start his new chapter.  

Muzafer’s search for the right fit eventually led him to Seacret Direct, where he started as a Vice President of Field Development. Seacret Direct was known for its skincare products derived from the Dead Sea, but Muzafer brought about significant changes by expanding the company’s offerings to include nutrition and a lifestyle membership program. With eight years of dedication to Seacret Direct and its community, including six years in the field, his passion for this company is evident.

Seacret Direct offers an array of exciting benefits for its members. The new highlight is Club Seacret, a program that provides custom-designed vacations at many different locations. This program ensures that luxurious travel is accessible and affordable for everyone. Muzafer explains it as a “Rolls Royce vacation at a Honda price.”

Seacret Direct has partnered with over a million retail stores around the world. Offering benefits for everyday activities like buying gas, going to the movies, buying clothes, eating at restaurants, or ordering food from DoorDash. Additionally, it has introduced a Telemedicine program, which provides 24/7 access to doctors in 60 countries, eliminating the need for long waits and co-pays.

From a personal standpoint, Muzafer’s focus today is on making a positive impact on as many lives as possible through direct sales, coaching, mentoring, and training. He believes in the power of mentorship and underscores the importance of finding the right mentor to guide you on your path to success. He also emphasizes the significance of giving without expecting anything in return, as the rewards often exceed expectations.

In Muzafer Najfi’s story, we find inspiration to embrace the journey of self-improvement and success with open arms. Success, he reminds us, is not just about reaching a destination but about cherishing the journey itself. His call to action is simple: visit his website and reach out for advice.  

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