From Waves to Watts: The Science Behind Global Oceanic’s Breakthrough Artificial Wave Generation and SeaDog’s Energy Recovery Systems 

From Waves to Watts: The Science Behind Global Oceanic’s Breakthrough Artificial Wave Generation and SeaDog’s Energy Recovery Systems 

Behind renewable energy firm Global Oceanic Designs, Inc., lies a revolutionary innovation harnessing the perpetual motion of waves created with a new type of wave generating device. A device that defies today’s current understanding of fulcrum devices and lever systems, combining a revolutionary concept of Magnetism to the equation, offering an energy-force with a twist, that defies the rules of tensile reality, forming a combination of forces, offering an order of magnitude in system functionality that simply defies the natural order of these operations to deliver extraordinary results, yielding an over-unity outcome, for creating larger waves with less energy in, for greater wave generating systems! Perfectly designed for use with onshore systems of wave energy production. 

Combining the SeaDog Wave Energy Converter to the mix, which has its own twist of using buoyancy force to generate compression and lift to static head, a new twist is again released in its revolutionary design to only use friction as input, and over-unity fluid power as the output, complementing the combination to create the on-shore wave energy production plants of the future, Bringing “Nature’s Perpetual Wave Power” On-Shore!

Global’s blending of these breakthrough hydrokinetic and hydraulic systems, for the generation of emission-free electricity, by converting onshore wave energy into clean power, through advanced hydraulic engineering, sets the energy benchmark decades, if not generations, in advance of the present “sustainable” trends.

Global Oceanic Designs represents the brainchild of renowned entrepreneur and inventor Kenneth W. Welch Jr., who has dedicated his career to sustainable infrastructure and clean energy solutions. And now with this novel patented design, promises to unlock the limitless clean power of waves, while freeing our coastlines and seas.

But how exactly does extracting watts from waves work from a technical standpoint? Let’s dive into the science behind this game-changing technology addressing the climate crisis, with energy access impacting over 2 billion people globally.

Harnessing Waves Through Fluid Dynamics

Global Oceanic’s artificial wave generators leverage tensile mechanics and complex fluid dynamics to manifest  waveforms which are alternating embodiments of potential and kinetic energy. The water surface in harmonic oscillating motion engages the force effect that specialist floating structures convert into pressurized hydraulic flows, powering hydroelectric turbines. 

The energy conversion process starts as waves make contact with the SeaDog Energy Recovery System, which is a Wave Energy Converter (WEC) device floating on the surface. As swells cause the WEC to rise and fall in harmonic rhythm, the cycle of evolving potential energy into kinetic motion gets partly restricted, driving a captive column of water. This mechanical resistance pressurizes the water, creating static head, in the same principle as hydroelectric dams.

Attached hydraulic pipelines route the flowing volumes of captive pressurized water, as it gets forced through the connecting system with each passing wave. This cycle of Potential energy, converted to Kinetic energy gets steadily transformed into hydraulic fluid power comprising flowing pressure and velocity. This powerful pressurized discharge gets smoothed by a specialist accumulator system before being routed into a hydroelectric turbine. The pressurized water flow rotates the turbine to activate an electrical generator producing a steady supply of electricity finally transmitted into the grid.

Turbine rotation can also be configured for direct mechanical drives powering pumps, compressors or processors. This on-demand fluid power skips the generator stage for isolated industrial equipment needs.

Key Technical Components & Process Innovations

The onshore, artificial wave generating system and hydrokinetic WEC technology combines a set of unique components tailored to optimize wave creation and energy harvesting through hydraulic conversion. Ongoing improvements by founder Kenneth Welch Jr. enhance performance, durability, and capacity.

  • Fulcrum Driven Wave Generator

      • This simple tensile, statically loaded structure joins a powered actuator, to a water displacing block, effecting a cyclic forcing function to the body of water. The swells generated cause a potential rise, and kinetic fall, of the water surface, set to harmonic frequencies unique to the wave energy converter, for driving its vertical bobbing motion.
  • Floating Energy Collector

    • This buoyant structure sits semi-submerged to interact with waves just below the surface. As artificial waves cause vertical bobbing motion, the unit contains this potential rise, and kinetic fall, into controlled hydraulic potential energy flows.
  • Smart Accumulator Interface
    • Before reaching the turbine, this innovative stabilizer further refines dynamic hydraulic flows into an optimized constant pressure supply for electricity generation.  Advanced real-time sensors and predictive data modelling, aid precision tuning.
    • Harnessing pressurized water from the WEC units, this high-efficiency turbine drives advanced generators to produce clean, cold, emissions-free electricity.  Welch’s designs optimize fluid flow velocities for peak clean power output.

Competitive Advantages of Onshore Artificial Wave Generation and Energy Recovery Over Conventional Marine Renewables

While sharing the emission-free upside of ocean energies like tidal barrages and offshore wind farms, Global Oceanic’s onshore wave generation and energy conversion innovations promise unique advantages.

Firstly, harnessing wave motion trebles available kinetic energy compared to those alternatives which await flowing tidal currents. And unlike solar and wind, onshore, artificial waves offer vast controllability and consistency both day and night, and fully independent of conditions of the weather.

The hydraulic transmission system also unlocks modular, decentralized deployment wherever Global’s systems can be built, near high-demand populations rather than remote deep seas. This allows incrementally tailored capacity scaling and targeted distribution.

Additionally, their wave generation and energy recovery system concept eliminates aesthetic and spatial concerns that affect siting of wind turbines or tidal fences, with near invisible integration, given their onshore, even subterranean locations. Marine and other wildlife migrations also face lower to no disruption whatsoever, without vast infrastructure footprints, occupying valuable real estate, ocean fisheries or navigable waterways.

The Fail-Safe & Durable Design Edge

An immense challenge facing ocean renewables remains securing apparatus resilience against intensely corrosive and destructive sub-aquatic conditions. Global Oceanic’s systems, being sited onshore, in controlled environments, are free of the need to leverage robust and costly marine-grade construction, anti-corrosion materials and predictive monitoring features characteristic of offshore marine energy systems.

But founder Kenneth Welch Jr. has gone further, designing redundancy and modularity to assure uninterrupted wave energy harvesting at all costs. Duplicate power conduits avoid single-point failure across the generation apparatus. Automatic isolation valves also quarantine damage.

Every aspect thus assures unperturbed 24/7 clean power output despite severe meteorologic effects or stresses. Indeed, such durable fail-safe performance promises cost-efficient low-maintenance operation for decades almost maintenance free.

Conclusion: The Future of Emission-Free Wave Power

With climate action urgency rising along vulnerable shorelines, and across land masses worldwide, Global Oceanic’s innovations cannot emerge soon enough. Their future forward, artificial wave generation system and hydraulic wave energy conversion technology, pioneered by Kenneth Welch Jr., looks positioned to redefine global clean power access.

By leveraging static loading into dynamic forces and fluid mechanics that translate oscillating wave kinetics into smooth hydropower, they overcome efficiency limits facing earlier attempts. Modular implementations  across the planet promise an emissions-free, fail-safe roadmap for regional energy resilience.

Yet beyond the mechanics lies a deeper inspiration in Welch’s vision. His lifework centers on unlocking the clean and sustainable gifts that waves endlessly offer civilization if only science can reliably harness their potential. And as climate consequences accelerate, that gift may soon light up clean electric access, touching half the planet.

“We have the fundamental discoveries to harvest endless clean energy surrounding 80% of humanity,” Welch explains. “My motivation is actualizing that promise worldwide before time runs out.”

From his drawing board tomorrow’s sustainable infrastructure takes shape below, on or above the world’s waters. As emissions presumably peak this decade, could Welch’s wave innovation crest just in time to illuminate a brighter era ahead?

Creating Controlled, Sustainable, Scalable, Wave Harvesting Systems, for use 24/7 Onshore, is a “Century-Forward” step in “Global Wave Energy Production”.

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