The Multifaceted Journey of Samantha LeBrun

The Multifaceted Journey of Samantha LeBrun

By profession, Samantha LeBrun is a lawyer and entrepreneur. But beneath these stuffy corporate titles lies a woman who has always made faith the cornerstone of her life and career. She’s a firm believer that the potential for greatness lies in everyone and has strived to spread this message through community and business endeavors alike.

In many ways, Samantha had an unorthodox upbringing. She grew up in the tropical climate of Haiti (her parents are of Haitian descent) before moving to the US with her mother and splitting her time between Boston, New York, and Virginia. Experiencing such different cultures and lifestyles at a young age cultivated a natural curiosity that Samantha has carried with her ever since.

Despite the ever-changing background of Samantha’s formative years, the role of faith remained consistent. She grew up in a Christian household where the values of compassion, integrity, and hard work meant everything, and these principles have continued to guide her.

Determined to make a difference in the world, Samantha completed her juris doctorate at Suffolk University Law School and a Masters of Law in Taxation from Boston University’s Graduate Tax Program. In law school, she also studied abroad in Sweden, inspired by her early travel experiences. While studying comparative criminal law and procedure in the Scandinavian nation, she experienced a breakthrough that tied together her passion for law and her grounding in faith. Realizing that incorporating rehabilitation creates a divinely structured legal system, she decided to service all future clients with a holistic approach. She still follows this method today.

After finishing her studies, the high-achieving graduate secured a job at one of the Big Four accounting firms as an international tax consultant. Here, she gained valuable experience with contract review, regulatory compliance, and legal technology – but she wasn’t about to be satisfied with a successful legal career alone.

Next, Samantha dived into entrepreneurship. She developed a brand called SKS Diamant Noir, which was inspired by a scripture that encapsulates some of her most deeply-held beliefs: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Her vision was to remind others they were created with greatness inside, which (in Samantha’s own words) “just has to be developed and refined to shine, just as charcoal gets compressed to become a beautiful valuable diamond.”

Despite facing skepticism from her peers and financial challenges, Samantha remained steadfast in her commitment to contribute to society in unconventional ways. Bolstered by her faith, she quickly gained a reputation in her community for motivating others to live out their purpose. She gives her time to others three days a week to offer guidance and pray with people who need support, in addition to providing biblical teachings to women in India and Pakistan.

Samantha aims to have a lasting impact on the world and to inspire others to do the same, which is something she strives toward every day in her legal career, entrepreneurship, and personal life.

In her spare time, Samantha enjoys spending time with loved ones, taking long walks with her dog Favor, and arts and crafts.

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