HOTO shone brighter at the National Hardware Show.

HOTO shone brighter at the National Hardware Show.

It is incredible to notice the rise of a few companies and brands that have remained committed to putting their best foot forward in their respective industries for years. Even more astonishing is how most of these brands have stayed true to their values and principles and pushed boundaries with all they have offered their audiences. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of an incredible company called HOTO, renowned for pioneering innovative hardware tool production.

For all the right reasons, HOTO has been revolutionizing the tool industry with aesthetic industrial designs and setting the right standards at the recently held National Hardware Show, which was held from 26 March to 28 March 2024. The massive momentum it created at the said show turned more heads.

The brand’s focus on advanced and accessible products has captivated people with its visually appealing and inventive designs, opening doors to excellent consumer market opportunities. Founder and CEO of HOTO Li Dan Liu highlights how HOTO has stood unique from others in the industry, stating that it is dedicated to blending functionality with design aesthetics.

Attending and shining bright at the National Hardware Show, he says, has only reaffirmed their commitment to driving innovation in the hardware sector and has further strengthened their mission to push boundaries in tool design.

HOTO has received over 40 international design awards and ranks second globally in the IF Design Tool category. Some of the brand’s extensive collections include drill sets, screwdrivers, air pumps, measuring utilities, and cleaning tools. The screwdriver kit, though, considered to be the brand’s best-selling product featuring a magnetic organizer, resonated with over 5 million users worldwide over the past two years.

HOTO already boasts around 10 million users globally and has attracted tech enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, and home décor lovers aged between 25 and 34 years. This also draws attention to the demographic HOTO has targeted, which the team believes has yet to be untapped by other hardware tool brands.

HOTO showcased what it stood for at the National Hardware Show and exuded brilliance with its product range that could reach a diverse customer base. People loved exploring HOTO’s booth at the show, and many were invited to witness how the brand revolutionized tool design and performance.

HOTO has emerged as a one-of-a-kind brand dedicated to creating excellent tools and empowering everyone to bring their projects to life. They thrive on high-quality, high-design, stylish, user-friendly tools that are sustainable for everyone. HOTO specializes in air inflators, screwdrivers, and home tools. For more inquiries, visit

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