Elson: Bridging Eras with Melody and Soul – An Exclusive Interview

Elson: Bridging Eras with Melody and Soul – An Exclusive Interview

Elson’s musical tapestry is a vibrant fusion of eras, styles, and heartfelt narratives. Embarking on his artistic journey at the tender age of 14, he has since woven pop-soul and pop-rock into a rich catalog of songs that echo with the depth of classic melodies and the vibrancy of modern beats.

His recent endeavor, a lively remix of the Kool & the Gang classic “Ladies Night” featuring Lady V, is a testament to his evolving artistry and innovative spirit. In our exclusive conversation, Elson offers insight into his creative process, the inspiration for his latest collaboration, and the mentors who have shaped his musical landscape.

As we delve into the essence of what makes his music resonate across audiences, we uncover the vision of an artist who is both a guardian of tradition and a pioneer of new sonic horizons. Join us as we explore the journey of a musician whose stories are told through the universal language of rhythm and melody, and learn what the future holds for this multifaceted creator.


Elson, you’ve been creating music since you were 14. How do you think your songwriting and musical style have evolved over the years?

I’ve certainly learnt a lot if techniques over the last 10 years to craft good, melodic, catchy songs. I naturally started writing ballads on piano early on to start with – learning classical pieces influenced the slow, heartfelt ballad writing. However, after – I started to learn bass lines, beats and understand the rhythms of disco, dance, salsa, soul and pop rock making me just as keen to write upbeat songs.

With such a rich background in different genres, from gospel and rock to pop-soul, how do you decide on the direction of a new song?

I decide on the direction of a good song (be it in the genre of pop rock, gospel, soul, etc) by first understanding what drives it musically and emotionally. By musically I mean which instrument predominately direct the song – is it a piano, bass line, rhythmic strumming of guitar, or is it say the beat, intense rap lyrics that thrust the song from A to B. Once I’ve worked out these ‘drives’ – everything falls into place – lyrics, melody, beat, chorus, etc.

“Ladies Night (The Feeling’s Right)” is a modern take on Kool & the Gang’s classic. What inspired you to remix this particular song and collaborate with Lady V?

Covering Ladies Night was birthed out of a discussion Producer John Ravenhall and I had back in 2015. My songwriting was not as strong at that time (now it is in 2024 onwards) and we wanted something happy, cheerful, dance driven, rhythmic that would as the English say ‘cheer’ people up. This is because we have the wars going on, crimes, in general a lot of negative news – and people (of all ages) need a break from that.

Working with a Grammy-nominated producer like John Ravenhall must be an exciting process. Can you share how this collaboration influences the sound and quality of your music?

Yes, indeed I can. John has taught me about reaching high quality in many areas – record production, quality of instruments used on the track, quality of lyrics and melody of the song, understanding parts of the song that should really shine such as the Chorus or Bridge. A good song must have all these elements down properly before recording, mixing and mastering the song or track.

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Your music is influenced by icons like Elton John, Otis Redding, and Hall and Oates. How do you incorporate these influences while ensuring your sound remains unique and contemporary?

I incorporate the influence of those artists you mentioned by understanding what key strengths or attributes of theirs do I like musically and that I can learn from and incorporate into my delivery. For example, Elton John’s a fantastic piano player – he’s piano playing is so wonderful to watch and masterful; his songs are also very melodic and catchy. Hall and Oates create great poetically phrased songs like ‘Man eater’ – I mean what a title! – and so lyrically they definitely get me to strive to say something unique, memorable, clever yet truthful.

The cover of “Ladies Night” is a significant deviation from your original work. How do you approach the process of remixing and covering classic songs while respecting the original?

The process of remixing and covering classic songs is really understanding the original in its entirety. Understanding the melody, the bass lines, the instruments playing the song – then understanding how can we slightly change the way we play the track yet not deviate too too far from the original – you still want a bit of nostalgia in there. So a lot of it comes by trial and error – trying out new sounds, new ways of playing old musical phrases of the original, classic track.

Given your experience in live performances, how do you think live music’s role in an artist’s career has changed with the advent of digital streaming platforms?

Great question! Playing live captures live energy – the crowd, the atmosphere, the talking in between songs as an artist like myself can speak to the crowd. Capturing and recording this  ‘energy’ or these live concerts for streaming onto digital platforms is a really effective, impactful way to get across to the listener’s a glimpse or part of what the live nights were like – and that’s a bonus as not every fan of your music is going to be able to see you live unfortunately.

Lastly, what are some of the projects or new music you’re looking forward to sharing with your audience in 2024, and what makes them special to you?

Yes, I have tons of demos I have yet to still record – I have around 40 songs yet to record say! A lot of them are working ideas. I’d say much of them are in the pop, pop soul genre and I’m looking forward to sharing those that have been influenced by 60’s soul artists like Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, The Temptations etc. I love that era of music – where songs were authentic, emotionally heart felt to the max and so relatable.

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From the editor….

Elson’s journey through the realms of music is a testament to his profound respect for the art and his relentless pursuit of creativity. From the heartfelt ballads of his early days to the upbeat rhythms that now define his style, he has shown an unparalleled ability to adapt and evolve while staying true to his roots. His collaboration with John Ravenhall and Lady V, coupled with his ambition to bring joy and nostalgia to his listeners, underscores his commitment to quality and innovation. As Elson looks forward to sharing his treasure trove of unreleased tracks with the world, it’s clear that his journey is far from over. With a nod to the past and a gaze fixed on the future, Elson continues to weave his unique tapestry of sounds, inviting us all to join him on this melodious voyage. Through his music, we’re reminded of the power of authentic, emotionally charged songs to connect us across generations. Elson’s story is not just about music; it’s about the enduring human spirit’s capacity to inspire, heal, and bring us together.

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