Apex Fusion Prepares For Release With 20+ Launch Partners Including Tenderly

Apex Fusion Prepares For Release With 20+ Launch Partners Including Tenderly

Emerging chain attempts to unite Ethereum and Cardano ecosystems with Tenderly and Charli3, with dozens more as launch partners

Apex Fusion is preparing for launch by announcing a cohort of ecosystem partnerships. The new network will support enterprises and businesses from the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) ecosystem and the unspent transaction output (UTXO) world. 

True interoperability between these two accounting methods has proven difficult to surmount to date, therefore, Apex Fusion is set to defragment the blockchain space by launching a new multi-chain network with native interoperability.

Tenderly, a full-stack decentralized infrastructure development enterprise from the Ethereum ecosystem is joining the ranks of other projects launching on Apex Fusion. Their services include on-chain deployment, integrated development environments and support for decentralized projects.

Ivan Bjelajac, VP of strategy at Tenderly and co-author of Polygon Edge commented on how Tenderly will be supporting Nexus, Apex Fusion’s EVM chain and also added that he “loves the anti-maximalist vision of merging the Ethereum, Cardano, and Cosmos ecosystems.”

Tenderly is one of the many organizations from the Ethereum universe that has announced their support of Apex Fusion’s new ecosystem. Ethernal, Zeeve and MVP Workshop have publicly voiced their commitment to the new network on X, formerly Twitter. 

Charli3 from the world of Cardano has also announced they will begin building on the Apex Fusion multi-chain network. Charli3 is the first decentralized oracle network for the Cardano blockchain. It aims to provide services to the UTXO-based chain. 

Damon Zwarich of Charli3 said: “We are excited by Apex Fusion’s vision of making the dream of EVM and UTXO compatibility a reality.”

TxPipe and Eternl will also join the new platform to unite ecosystems.

The Apex Fusion network, founded by a cross-disciplinary team of veterans from Ethereum and Cardano, set out to create a multi-chain network that aims to defragment the Web3 landscape for everyone. 

Their core contributors focused their pre-launch efforts on finding infrastructure development launch partners from the two major ecosystems.

“For Apex Fusion’s launch, we wanted quality and not quantity,” said Sava Savic, a core contributor to the Apex Fusion ecosystem and Input Output Global alumni. “We’re honored to have many incredible projects that share our values and align with our vision for a defragmented Web3. This is a great start, but it’s only the beginning.”

Apex Fusion is currently running a private testnet, but it will soon become public. New projects from the EVM and UTXO worlds are being announced as more launch partners. 

Apex Fusion’s goal is to break through the echo chambers that have plagued the decentralized landscape. Its initial impact, demonstrated by the buy-in from leading projects such as Cardano and Ethereum, clearly demonstrates that it will be a game changer.

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