Singapore’s “Cherry Blossoms”: A Guide to Trumpet Trees

Singapore may not have spring, summer, fall, and winter like other countries, but that doesn’t mean we miss out on beautiful blooms! Throughout the year, the island bursts into colour with different trees and flowers taking center stage. Flower delivery Singapore services can help you enjoy this floral abundance even if you can’t get out to see it yourself!

One such spectacular event is the blooming of the trumpet trees, fondly nicknamed Singapore’s “cherry blossoms.” These trees, with their scientific name Tabebuia rosea, put on a stunning show, showering the ground with a carpet of soft pink petals.

This blog is your one-stop guide to Singapore’s “cherry blossoms,” from when to see them to where to find the best spots.

When to See the Trumpet Trees Bloom

Unlike places with distinct seasons, Singapore’s flowering times can vary a little year to year. However, you can generally expect to see the trumpet trees bloom twice a year:

  • March to April: This is the main blooming season, coinciding with what some might call springtime in Singapore.
  • August to September: The trumpet trees may surprise you with a second blooming period during these hotter months.

Keep in mind that the exact timing depends on the weather. Look out for spells of hot, dry weather followed by heavy rain – these conditions seem to trigger the blooming process.

Where to Find the Trumpet Trees

The beauty of the trumpet trees is that they’re scattered throughout Singapore, adding a touch of pink magic to various neighbourhoods. Here are some popular spots to check out:

  • East Coast Park: This massive park is a favourite among locals, and for good reason! During the blooming season, you can take a stroll or bike ride along the coast and be greeted by the sight of pink trumpet trees lining the path.
  • Gardens by the Bay: While Gardens by the Bay might not have natural trumpet trees, they sometimes feature special displays with these beautiful blooms during the “sakura” season (sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom). It’s worth checking their website or social media for updates on such events.
  • Jurong Lake Gardens: This sprawling park offers a serene escape with its lakes and gardens. Keep an eye out for trumpet trees adding a pop of color to the landscape during their blooming season.
  • Yishun Park: This neighbourhood park is a hidden gem, and during the blooming season, the trumpet trees transform it into a picture-perfect spot.
  • Public housing estates: Believe it or not, you might even find trumpet trees growing in your own neighbourhood! Take a walk around your estate and see if you spot any – you might be surprised by the pockets of beauty hidden around you.

Tips for Enjoying the Trumpet Trees

Now that you know when and where to find these beauties, here are some tips for making the most of your “cherry blossom” experience in Singapore, or if you’re planning an experience for a birthday gift:

  • Go early in the morning: The best time to see the trumpet trees is early in the morning, before the sun gets too hot. This way, you’ll avoid the crowds and get the chance to see the flowers at their freshest.
  • Bring a camera: The sight of the pink petals blanketing the ground is definitely Instagram-worthy! Capture some beautiful photos to remember your visit.
  • Bring a picnic blanket: Find a spot under a blooming trumpet tree and enjoy a picnic lunch or breakfast. The fallen petals will create a magical atmosphere for your meal.
  • Be respectful: Remember, these are public spaces, so be mindful of others and avoid littering.

Trumpet Trees vs. Cherry Blossoms: What’s the Difference?

While the trumpet trees are called Singapore’s “cherry blossoms,” there are some key differences between the two:

  • Species: Trumpet trees are native to South America, while cherry blossoms are native to East Asia.
  • Flowers: Trumpet trees have large, trumpet-shaped flowers with five petals, while cherry blossoms have smaller, delicate flowers with five petals.
  • Colour: Both can be pink, but trumpet trees can also be white, while cherry blossoms are typically a softer shade of pink.
  • Fall: Trumpet tree flowers tend to fall in a shower, creating a blanket of pink petals on the ground. Cherry blossoms fall more gently, creating a “snowing” effect.

The Importance of Trees

The trumpet trees are a beautiful reminder of the importance of trees in our environment. They provide shade, clean the air, and offer a habitat for wildlife.  So, next time you see a trumpet tree in bloom, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and the vital role it plays in our city.

We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you learn more about Singapore’s “cherry blossoms” and how to enjoy them. So, get out there, explore, and capture the magic of the trumpet trees in bloom!

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