Paul Delacourt Proudly Announces Leadership Excellence at Stratagem Consulting, LLC: Guiding High-Profile Clients through Regulatory Challenges

Managing Partner, Paul Delacourt says that Stratagem Consulting, LLC is a premier consulting firm dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for complex and high-stakes challenges. Specializing in regulatory and enforcement consulting, executive consulting, sensitive investigation support, cybersecurity awareness, and professional training, Stratagem Consulting excels in helping clients navigate uncertainty and make high-performance decisions. Under the leadership of Paul Delacourt and Jeff Green, the firm has become a trusted advisor to high-profile clients, providing expert regulatory consulting.

Who Stratagem Serves

In today’s intricate and fast-paced environment, complexity and lack of information can severely hinder decision-making. Stratagem Consulting LLC distinguishes itself by aiding individuals and organizations in sharpening their focus on crucial data, reducing uncertainty, and developing effective strategies to handle complex situations. Our experts bring clarity to important opportunities by highlighting the critical information and considerations necessary for achieving goals with optimal security, instilling confidence in high-pressure decision-making scenarios.

What Stratagem Adds to Your Team

Stratagem Consulting’s team of law enforcement and national security experts offers invaluable consulting services and professional training. Our diverse global clientele benefits from our extensive expertise in intelligence operations, investigations, and security practices, which yield uncommon insights and enhance decision-making processes. Our core services include:

  • Executive Consulting: Providing strategic advice and support to executive leadership on compliance, risk mitigation, process development, and personnel solutions.
  • Sensitive Investigation Support and Due Diligence: Offering thorough investigation assistance and due diligence to ensure informed decisions.
  • Cybersecurity Awareness and Incident Response: Enhancing cybersecurity measures and responding effectively to incidents.
  • Professional Training and Instructional Development: Delivering specialized training programs to improve skills and knowledge. Stratagem has successfully conducted courses for corporations, universities, and governments.

Stratagem Leadership

Paul Delacourt, Managing Partner
With over two decades of experience in the FBI, Paul Delacourt has held numerous leadership roles, including Inspector, Assistant Director in Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office, where he led the FBI’s third-largest operational division and the response to numerous crisis events, and Special Agent in Charge of the Honolulu Field Office. Prior to his stewardship of the Bureau’s operational mission in the Asia-Pacific region, Paul led criminal and counterterrorism investigations as well as international special-events and crisis management efforts.  Paul joined Stratagem in 2021, and became managing partner in 2023, leading regulatory consulting efforts, providing executive consulting, and driving business development. His extensive background in national security, counterterrorism, and cyber threats provides invaluable insights to clients. Paul is also an adjunct lecturer at the University of Chicago, where he shares his expertise with the next generation of leaders.

Jeff Green, Founding Partner

As a founding partner of Stratagem Consulting, Jeff counsels business leaders, government executives and non-governmental organizations on risk management, sensitive investigations and a wide range of security matters.  Prior to forming Stratagem, Jeff spent more than two decades as an agent and senior leader of the FBI, serving much of that time outside the United States working with U.S. and foreign partners and forming teams with leaders in business, law enforcement, intelligence, diplomacy, and the military.  During Jeff’s work in foreign and domestic assignments he acquired deep experience in all major FBI programs including counterterrorism, counterintelligence, cyber and criminal investigations.  Jeff served in positions of senior leadership, where he successfully managed the FBI’s mission and guided key leaders of government, business organizations and other executive decision makers toward more effective opportunities and security solutions. His leadership has been instrumental in guiding Stratagem Consulting’s clients through complex regulatory landscapes.

The Team

Stratagem Consulting’s distinguished team includes practitioners, executives, and senior leaders with proven expertise in safeguarding individuals and businesses. Our team has deep experience in conducting international investigations and cross-cultural problem-solving. Our history of successful high-performance decision-making is bolstered by our understanding of the privileges and burdens of leadership. We recognize the pressure our clients face when making critical, no-fail decisions.

The core team at Stratagem has served in significant FBI executive leadership positions, including Assistant Director in Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office, Special Agents in Charge of the Honolulu and Seattle Divisions, Chief of FBI Human Intelligence Operations, Chief of Risk Mitigation for Critical US Infrastructure, Acting Chief of the Senior Executive Management Office at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), and Legal Attachés in major global cities such as London, Canberra, Tokyo, Warsaw, Kabul, Athens, Cyprus, and Doha.


Under the leadership of Paul Delacourt and Jeff Green, Stratagem Consulting LLC continues to excel in providing regulatory consulting to high-profile clients. The firm’s comprehensive approach, combined with unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence, ensures that clients can navigate the most challenging regulatory environments with confidence and precision. For organizations seeking a partner to guide them through complex regulatory landscapes, Stratagem Consulting LLC offers the expertise and strategic vision necessary for success.

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