The Importance Of Cultivating A Growth Mindset In Business With Alpha Energy’s Spearhead Bryan Jimenez  

The Importance Of Cultivating A Growth Mindset In Business With Alpha Energy’s Spearhead Bryan Jimenez  

Thanks to Bryan Jimenez’s positive mindset and “develop the human” approach, the CEO has put his business, Alpha Energy, on the map. With a scaling business only three years young, we caught up with the Mexican-American leader to learn how cultivating a growth mindset in the workplace is the key to optimal success.

When we think about our business, we often craft an overall vision, painting a perfect picture of what it will be or look like. But what if we visualize it as a jigsaw puzzle, where several smaller, unique pieces are needed to become a whole picture? Now, let’s take these diverse and distinctly cut shapes in the workplace and call them employees. 

For CEO and Founder Bryan Jimenez, his three-year-old renewable energy business, Alpha Energy, has many people in his solar force, ranging from sales and marketing staff to hands-on individuals installing solar panels. And although each one may be strong and independent, what matters most is how they fit together. 

In today’s competitive world, while some leaders still foster the “sink or swim mentality,” others believe that “you can constantly learn, grow, and adapt to challenges.” But, with a growth mentality like the latter, teams with a confident outlook toward their goals and who possess a strong belief in their abilities are more likely to stand out. 

As a team-turned-family whose joint efforts foster a culture of positivity and confidence, thanks to the spearhead’s in-house training, his continuously expanding puzzle continues to exhibit higher motivation, creativity, and resilience. 

These vital characteristics prove that with the right mindset, we can overcome challenges and achieve better outcomes for sustainable success. 

“What separates us is just being aligned to the growth and scalability of what we’re doing,” shares Jimenez. We all have great leaders, but at the end of the day you know you have a strong culture when somebody comes in and either they go or level up and increase their living standards.”

Having started his business in 2021, the Mexican-American leader knew he wanted to treat his team differently. But first, Jimenez had to hire individuals who specialized in their class and aimed to help tackle climate change.

“There’s nothing more powerful than eliminating your carbon footprint,” adds Jimenez. “Humans must take responsibility for protecting the world, not only for ourselves but also for future generations. So, an excellent way to contribute to this goal is by installing a solar system to generate electricity.” Plus, it saves you money.

“But the biggest thing is we’re focused on being the best individuals in our market.”

Jimenez, who holds a degree in electrical systems technology, experienced a moment of enlightenment when he became interested in renewable energy. Later, while promoting alarm systems, the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to reconsider his path when everything stopped.

“I knew there was something else inside of me at the time where I got comfortable, and I didn’t want this. I wanted to get uncomfortable. I want to go out there and live,” says Jimenez. 

So, to pursue his newly found passion in the solar industry, Alpha Energy was his next big light bulb moment.

“It’s been quite a journey,” he adds. “Since then, I’ve been able to develop myself and those around me, which is the most powerful thing. As a leader, you build something when you see those around you grow—and that’s how I look at business.”

Cemented in Alpha Energy‘s unique core is a value that stretches far beyond what the eye may see. That value is perseverance, a quality most felt when he first started. Despite everything being thrown at Jimenez, like increased interest rates and state-wide business closures, they continued to grow.

Now, Alpha Energy is proud to stand with teams canvassing teams. “We have two offices running right now, completing 65 deals a month on average. This is massive considering it was only about ten sales a month when we started,” the 27-year-old smiles. 

“Of course, it’s been challenging, especially in this state, but we’ve been able to push and sustain it, giving the opportunity not only to salespeople but also to everybody on the back end, the marketing team, the operations team, and the recruiting team, who is working towards the same journey,” he adds. 

With a very progressive and systematic orientation, which allows the team to consistently achieve sales “in the first one to two weeks on average,” their smooth training structure and methods of encouraging a growth mindset have transformed the space as we know it.

Staying ahead of the curve and prioritizing adaptability and innovation, illuminating a culture that values continuous learning and development, is the key to optimal success. Naturally, a positive workplace promotes efficiency. As a result, his strong solar team continues to soar, outperform, outsell, and outlast in North Carolina’s constituent state. 

“We are proud to be able to provide the same opportunities to families who do not have the resources to do so,” says Jimenez. “However, our mission is to redefine the way of life” one roof at a time.

Overall, It’s clear that while utilities have not deflated for the past 20 years or are not going to anytime soon, installing solar allows you to eliminate inflation. Not to mention, each panel’s lifespan of 40 to 60 years provides a positive durability factor.

Sold with a smile, you are guaranteed to get the beat.

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